Enter the Rift: Interview with Anton Yudintsev

Anton Yudintsev talked to Enter the Rift about virtual reality technologies and game development for VR at Game Connection 2014

Eclypsia: Interview with War Thunder team at Paris Games Week

Cockpits, tanks and flags! Everything was set up on the stand of Gaijin Entertainment at Paris Games Week to present War Thunder. At Game Connection we had a chance to meet Alexander Trifonov, head of media relations, who answered all our questions about the game.

Shacknews: Gaijin Details War Thunder Mobile On Shield Tablet

War Thunder is coming to Nvidia Shield Tablets thanks to Tegra K1 technology. Gaijin developer Alexander Trifonov talks about the new mobile game in this exclusive interview.

Gaming on Linux: War Thunder review

Though we already knew about War Thunder's Linux port back in June the release was still quite sudden and unexpected. So, let's find out if it's worth our time and how the F2P model works.

VRFocus: War Thunder dev talks VR support

VRFocus recently spoke to Gaijin Entertainment about the VR support for War Thunder. Below the developer touches upon how integration as grown, its hopes for the future and Project Morpheus support

War Thunder first anniversary on PlayStation 4

How does War Thunder deliver 12 months on? Let’s examine Gaijin’s dogfighter and see how it’s done in the past year with PlayStation Universe.

Gaijin on American tanks and the future of War Thunder

Gamereactor talked to Gaijin about British tanks, VR, in-game tournaments and new projects in the pipeline for Gaijin in 2015.

Gaijin in Top 100 Most Influential Video Game Studios

Gaijin Entertainment in Top 100 Most Influential Video Game Studios by

Der Stratege magazine reviews War Thunder Ground Forces

It's been a while since the last article to WT Ground Forces, and many things happened. A lot of bugs have been fixed, the game system and rebuilt, some new maps and features and a new nation added, the United States entered the battlefield. So what is going on with Ground Forces on the threshold of a next big patch coming soon?

War Thunder review at

Generally speaking, this is a fantastic action game with tons of battle-ready content. The focus is definitely on flight combat, but the ground battles will more than satisfy anyone gamer scared of heights. 4 reasons you need to play Tanks

War Thunder is more than just air combat; check out our top reasons why Tanks is worth your time

Giochi MMO reviews War Thunder

A highly detailed look at the world of aerial combat with hundreds of models, dozens of upgradeable weapons and abilities that can be refined and improved mission after mission. PvE and PvP content is intended to satisfy the needs of every player, no matter novice or experienced. Dynamic campaigns , solo missions and cooperatives, all accompanied by a graphical quality , authentic sound effects, and a guidance system really are well thought out .

Gaijin Entertainment: “We're not the greedy bastards here”

Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment talks to about PS4version of War Thunder.

MicroMart: War Thunder review

There’s plenty to get your teeth into, from customising the various planes you purchase and loading them out with better kit, to training your ground crew to speed up repairs and adding ground based artillery support. Many features are still to be added, but the core combat is there and working rather well.

PlayStation Universe: War Thunder interview - Gaijin talks PS4 launch with console's most action-packed MMO

The following interview was conducted with War Thunder developer Pavel Kulikov who talks to about a range of current industry topics while giving readers an insight into Gaijin Entertainment's ambitious flight combat MMO and how it's shaping up for the launch of PlayStation 4.

Rhythn/circus: Interview with producer Pavel Kulikov from Gaijin Entertainment about War Thunder.

War Thunder is a free to play online combat game about non-stop fighting between planes, ships and tanks. The first open beta players have already taken to the skies in massive 16 vs 16 player dogfights. At this year’s Eurogamer expo we caught up with lead developer Pavel Kulikov of Gaijin Entertainment to get some more info:

Thesixthaxis: War Thunder preview at Eurogamer EXPO 2013

War Thunder swept past the 3 million player mark back in July, and is surely pushing ever onwards and upwards in that regard, so with such a wide fan-base already in place, the PlayStation 4 release can only add to and improve upon that. There will be matches readily at hand, and a well established game with experience under its belt and bold plans for the future. I must admit that I do find myself drawn back to the game, as I’m typing this. It might be crushingly difficult in many ways for a beginner like me, but it doesn’t feel like the game has been unfair to me. I’m eager to get more and better planes, nail the control system, and show them all what for. Eurogamer EXPO War Thunder preview

Overall, War thunder is an amazing experience that brings the past to life once again. The planes in the game feel very hardy and true to realism whilst the environments help immerse players into the era of combat. The free to play model is looking really solid with the promise of more content coming with the PS4 launch and the coming of 2014. If you haven't signed up for the beta already, do so now and be sure to immerse yourself in this truly awe inspiring experience. Interview with producer Pavel Kulikov from Gaijin Entertainment about War Thunder at Eurogamer EXPO 2013.

At this years Eurogamer Expo I was lucky enough to speak with Pavel Kulkov, Producer of War Thunder which is heading to PS4 for launch day and open beta for PC. We spent 15mins talking about the game and another 10mins playing the latest build on the PS4. Interview with producer Pavel Kulikov from Gaijin Entertainment about War Thunder.

War Thunder is a free-to-play, massively-multiplayer online game set in a World War II environment and featuring non-stop fighting between planes, ships and tanks. Right now we are on PC in beta and will be adding tank gameplay to the game this year and ships next year. We already have 300 planes [in the game]. I think it’s the biggest collection of military World War II airplanes in a game. We have all types: fighters, strike fighters and bombers, like the Lancaster and B17 Flying Fortress.

Dealspwn: First look at War Thunder at Eurogamer EXPO

The scope of Gaijin's ambitions should not be ignored, and it makes sense to deliver the three core sectors of the game one at a time, making sure they've gotten everything right before moving onto the next big focus. So we can expect several hundred planes with fully realised interiors at launch, sweeping across 100,000 km? of battlefield as War Thunder serves up a menu of historically accurate maps and engagements

GGSgamer: Interview with producer Pavel Kulikov from Gaijin Entertainment about War Thunder.

War Thunder was one of the few games that could be played on the Oculus Rift at the Eurogamer Expo and support for the VR headset has already been released in the open beta. Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to try the game on the Oculus Rift but a couple of gamers I were speaking with who did try the game were full of praise for how immersive the experience felt. I look forward to checking out War Thunder in more detail once I get my hands on my PlayStation 4 next month. I’m hoping that with War Thunder being a free game accompanying the launch of a brand new console that this will result it lots of people giving the game a try.

Einfogames: Interview with producer Pavel Kulikov from Gaijin Entertainment about War Thunder.

War Thunder is a game that has been in beta for a good year plus now and it has been well received thus far. The numbers don’t lie, in March over one million had played the game and just four months later three million players had tried out War Thunder. If you haven’t tried it out yet the game is still in open beta. If you don’t have a gaming PC, fear not as War Thunder will be coming to PlayStation 4 as well. War Thunder Preview ( Eurogamer Expo 2013)

Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder may already be available as a public-beta on the PC, however the PS4 version of the game is shaping to be mighty impressive, not to mention after having an in-depth conversation with Pavel Kulikov (producer of the game) it seems War Thunder will be getting some ‘interesting’ new additions that will alter the gameplay and offer it more variety than it already has now. In regards to its current form the visuals and controls felt much more responsive than on the PC and depsite being free-to-play the game will include a variety of planes, all of which can be customised, but more importantly the game will be available from the PS4?s launch day. War Thunder Hands On Preview ( Eurogamer Expo 2013)

Overall, my time with War Thunder ultimately had me leaving the booth wanting more -- a testament on how amazing this game is. Undoubtedly, War Thunder is one of the PS4's launch titles I am most excited for come November 29. Eurogamer EXPO 2013 War Thunder Preview and interview with producer Pavel Kulikov from Gaijin Entertainment

Join Oli as he meets Pavel Kulikov, Executive Producer of War Thunder. Gamescom preview of War Thunder

In World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships currently dominates the market for this particular segment of the game industry, but with War Thunder apparently they get a competitive opponent.In World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships currently dominates the market for this particular segment of the game industry, but with War Thunder apparently they get a competitive opponent. War Thunder is a promising title which we certainly continue to follow to release. Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Everything about this type of game lends itself to large-scale online on land, at sea and carry. Airborne battles However, I also understand the technical problems that go with them and especially when it comes to the balance and size of the maps.How this will evolve to be seen, but I dare say that this is a title that I definitely going to keep an eye on. War Thunder preview on Gamescom

So maybe the baptisms of War Thunder have been somewhat unfortunate, not to say unseemly, but the title in itself has the makings to satisfy even the most core gamers, who may want to try something with more options than World Of Tanks

VGNetwork: Gamescom preview of War Thunder (PS4 version)

Graphically fact War Thunder on Playstation 4 (precisely we are talking about a PS4 dev kits, ed ) is a feast for the eyes.Defined, colorful and decidedly next-gen, especially if we think of a title F2P cross-platform with the PC version. / The sound does its part, with warplanes and tanks, each with recordings of his real sound effects. Why realism and simulation are very dear to Gaijin and - as we shall see in the gameplay - constitute the strength of their game.

Vandal: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment wants to put its two cents to the (f2p) genre and has a title that could become one of the main references in PlayStation 4. Gamescom Hands On

t is not difficult to see that War Thunder clearly the more complete and deeper game is in competition with World of Warplanes. The latter will surely enchant a specific audience that is just looking for a somewhat simpler arcade-like game fly. But are you looking for something more than just that simple gameplay, you'll quickly at War Thunder off. The game offers a lot more content and variation in the content, to a full campaign to it. Once in the dogfights are the differences between the two titles are not even always so great, but the context in which a dogfight is fought is also important, and that part looks at War Thunder a lot stronger than in World of Warplanes.

Trophies-ps3: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

We recommend all fans of the genre pay a visit to their stand.

The Guardian: Best games of Gamescom (incl. War Thunder)

James Jarvis from Future Publishing tried Gaijin Entertainment's indie MMO, War Thunder: "huge open battles between planes, ships and tanks. Could be PS4's sleeper hit," he Tweeted.

Softpedia: Hands on War Thunder (PS4) at Gamescom

In terms of visuals, the game looks pretty impressive on the PS4, although seeing as how you're in an airplane, you don't have time to really analyze the textures on the ground.

Softonic: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

The game is already perfectly playable and offers intense, technical fighting for undeniable pleasure. War Thunder is free ( it is possible to pay for a premium version that offers modest benefits ), we can only recommend it to all fans of multiplayer games.

PSX-Sense: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

War Thunder is an ambitious project and we applaud (Gaijin), especially in times where many publishers play it safe and come with sequels.

PSInside: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Thunder had made ??a good impression and consistently impressed especially with an already good graphics and an appropriate difficulty level. Furthermore , the selection of tanks and planes was quite pronounced and thus promises a lot of variety.

Playstation Universe: Gamescom 2013 Awards: Best Simulation Game — War Thunder

The demo of the PlayStation 4 launch title War Thunder was lauded at Gamescom 2013 for its explosive World War II aerial battles. The gameplay of War Thunder seems fit for the PS4, or more specifically, the DualShock 4. The effect of mapping the controls out to those dual analogs will be amazing, and the triggers and buttons will make using your guns, cannons, torpedoes, bombs, and rockets more comfortable than ever. The Share button will also give you the ability to show off your skills at any time on the PSN or social media. The ability to share your gameplay easily is going to improve the overall experience, because nothing screams bragging rights more than shooting down three aircraft in one match.

Playstation Universe: Gamescom 2013 Awards: Best Multiplayer Game — War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment’s flight combat/tank blaster is the surprise multiplayer victor as far as Gamescom goes. The studio’s pedigree speaks for itself with the likes of IL-2 under its belt, and its dedication to both arcade-style fun and simulation can be found in War Thunder’s MMO environment, where teams of up to 32 players can blast each other into oblivion.

PlayMassive: Gamescom preview of War Thunder (PS4)

If everything works out, as shown us the PS4 buyer expects a knotless free enjoyment in fantastic optics. Alone with the cross-play feature and diversity of content raises it significantly from Wargamings World of Tanks Xbox 360 port from. A sleek all-round package, where you can easily switch between the different vehicles to dominate a vast battlefield? More please!

PlayDevil: Gamescom 2013 Preview: War Thunder

The game certainly feels a little bit more arcadey than previous efforts from the studio, but there’s still far more realism than most flight-sims out there.

Play it Live: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Also, thanks to the joys of cross-platform and synchronized updates, PC gamers and console gamers can participate in the same battles after choosing one of the 300 aircraft available (some available against premium payments). And speaking of battles, we got a glimpse of the next update of the game that will add ... tanks. Indeed, unlike games wargaming here airplanes and tanks can coexist and even take part in multiplayer campaigns. Interview with Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment

Although War Thunder looks good, the game is insanely better with the virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift, which is fully supported by the game. It is almost indescribable how immersive the experience is to fly from a fully detailed cockpit in 3D.

Mondes Persistants: First look at PS4 version of War Thunder

The graphics level is really impressive. The horizon can be magnified ten times more than on the PC, and the vibration of the joystick when you pull it or take a shell in the tank is very immersive. In addition, the speed of movement of the vehicle is real. So, if you go 60 miles an hour and the map is 20 km long you will take 20 minutes to cross.

MMOBomb: Gamescom F2P preview (incl. War Thunder)

The other update worth mentioning has to do with War Thunder and no, it doesn’t have to do with the PS4. Gaijin Entertainment finally showed off a small bit of gameplay footage from the upcoming tank update for the previously fighter plane only simulator. While we can’t speak in too much detail about it, but suffice it to say the update may give World of Tanks a run for its money.

M3 Magazine: Gamescom First Look at War Thunder PS4 version

We got to see a test session right on PS4 and we were amazed by the graphics capability of the title, as well as the maneuverability offered by custom controls for use with the controller of the PS4.

Le Blog Jeu Video: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Indeed, after a more than successful beta phase, which reports hundreds of thousands of new players each month, Gaijin studios are putting the project into overdrive to land with great pomp on the future PlayStation 4. Gamescom War Thunder Overview

First look at the new trailer made ??for GamesCom , and we must say it is one of the best we've seen in the whole show Gamescom preview of War Thunder

If the structure of the game look good, the gameplay is also perfectly integrated. Gaijin has worked hard on optimizing the controls on the new Dual Shock 4 and it seems that the synergies with the Sony console are very good.


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